Linda Boyd-Jones

Executive Vice President

Founder of LB-J Associates, a business consulting firm launched in 2002 to help companies plan for growth and business success. Linda began her career in corporate finance at Citibank for 10 years, then Fluor Corporation for 6 years in project finance and strategy. Linda’s forte is in revitalized business planning for early stage or more mature companies to achieve step-changed, quantifiable results, often in order to position them for a capital raise or M&A activity. LB-J was engaged by Holding Capital Group as Marketing Director of their hedge fund group and as a private equity professional. LB-J Associates dedicated three years to various agencies of the US government. From 2004 to 2007 LB-J was engaged as a Defense Contractor for security and strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan, and at the DoD Pentagon for support in war communications to Congress.

Linda is Panamanian-American and grew up in the former Panama Canal Zone. She lived again in Panama in 2002, engaged by a client, Parsons Brinckerhoff, to lead the successful pursuit of the initial Program Management Plan for the $5 billion expansion of the Panama Canal, one of the most highly sought contract pursuits at that time. Linda holds three degrees: an AA in Liberal Arts from the Canal Zone College, a BA in International Economics from LSU, and an MBA from LSU. She also holds three executive education certifications in Corporate Finance from Harvard, in Implementing Strategy from Wharton, and in Mergers & Acquisitions from UCLA.