Peter Fusaro

Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer

Peter Fusaro has been a leading authority on emerging energy and environmental technology and financial markets for four decades. He has written 15 books, including best sellers, and his most recent title is Energy and Environmental Project Finance Law & Taxation: New Investment Techniques.

Peter is a frequent keynote speaker, and hosts the annual Wall Street Green Trading Summit. He is Chairman of Global Change Associates, and serves on advisory boards of Clean Energy Advisors, Terra Global Solutions, Gridmarket, Atmos Air Solutions, Global Sourcing Council, SJF Expert Network, and 3D Nano Batteries. He is an advisor to several other Clean-tech startups, and is a judge in the Northeast Clean-tech Open.

Peter was previously head of energy consulting for ABB Finance, lead analyst for PDVSA US, and has held several policy positions for the NYC Mayor’s office and the US Dept. of Energy. Mr. Fusaro holds an MA from Tufts and a BA from Carnegie Mellon, and has been an adjunct professor at Columbia University in renewable in renewable energy project finance. He also advises on Sustainability at Bard College and the University of Michigan.