About Us

Who We Are

41 North, LLC is a specialized full-Service Investment Bank, which provides mergers & acquisition and growth capital advice to companies in the middle market looking for a high touch and professional service. Our open architecture includes the deep resources of Chalice Capital Partners, LLC a member of SIPC and FINRA, and other professionals that we have long-standing relationships.

Founded in 2009 the focus remains addressing the specific needs of business owners. Our Founder, Keith Yonkers, has over 25 years of working experience in both domestic and international capital markets, with extensive experience communicating and negotiating with strategic & financial buyers. His background includes IBM, senior leadership roles at Deutsche Bank, Shearson Lehman Brothers, and Citigroup Global markets.

Our Firm's Name

Latitude 41 degrees North refers to the navigable waters from Montauk, at the northern tip of Long Island, New York, to the upper arm of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. These waters provide yachtsmen with some of the best sailing and boating in the world. While on most days, they yield calm waters and gentle breezes, these waters can quickly turn to often dangerous and challenging conditions with shifting shoals, hidden obstructions, and thick fog with white caped seas. With years of experience, we’ve noticed many commonalities to the sometimes treacherous journey companies embark.

As such, 41 North has dedicated itself to guiding middle market companies through the often capricious and rugged global capital marketplaces.